CCE Report – Volume 2

Annexures : Depositions by Experts

  • Integrity of the Electoral Rolls – Deposition of Cdr P. G. Bhat (Retd.) – Deposition – 1
  • Integrity of electoral rolls and the linkage of Voter ID to Aadhaar – Deposition of Dr. Anupam Saraph – Deposition – 1
  • Integrity of Electoral Rolls – Deposition of Y Kiran Chandra – Deposition – 1
  • Deposition of Abusaleh Shariff – Depositions – 1  | 2 | 3 | 4


The US based Freedom House’s 2021 report that appeared across the media on March 8, 2021 should put all Indians to shame. “India loses its status as ‘free’… Political rights and civil liberties have worsened since 2014, and the decline has accelerated since 2019.” India’s status on Freedom House’s report on political rights and civil liberties was lowered to “partly free.” In 2020, the organizations report had ranked India as “free.” Read Entire Introduction… English | Malayalam

Press Release

India is in the midst of five assembly elections. A timely Report to the People on inclusiveness of electoral rolls; rising criminalisation and money power; opaque and corrupt electoral bonds; serious violations of Model Code of Conduct; partisan role of media and lack of autonomy of the Election Commission is therefore imperative. Read Entire Press Release… – English Malayalam

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